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About Atlas Cameras

The Atlas industrial camera is a GigE Vision and GenICam complaint camera designed for imaging applications that require high bandwidth and at a compact size. Atlas features TFL lens mount M35 and is easily adaptable to F Mount and active sensor alignment for superior optical performance.

This is designed for faster industrial applications like industrial automation, inspection,  robotics, medical etc. 

High Performance & High Speed

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Models (5GigE)MPResolutionFPSSensorFormatPixel SizeShutterLens MountChromaInterface
ATL314S31.4 MP6464 x 4852 px17.9 fpsSony IMX342 CMOSAPS-C 27.9mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75) / No MountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL196S19.6 MP4416 x 4428 px27.9 fpsSony IMX367 CMOS4/3" 21.7mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75)Mono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL168S16.8 MP5456 x 3076 px32.9 fpsSony IMX387 CMOS4/3" 21.6mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75)Mono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL120S12.3 MP4096 x 3000 px42.5 fpsSony IMX253 CMOS1.1"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL089S8.9 MP4096 x 2160 px58.5 fpsSony IMX255 CMOS1"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL071S7.1 MP3208 x 2200 px74.6 fpsSony IMX420 CMOS1.1"4.5 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL050S5.0 MP2448 x 2048 px98 fpsSony IMX250 CMOS2/3"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL028S2.8 MP1936 x 1464 px173 fpsSony IMX421 CMOS2/3"4.5 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
TRI071S7.1 MP3208 x 2200 px17.2 fpsSony IMX428 CMOS1.1"4.5 µmGlobalC MountMono / ColorM12 GigE Vision

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