Machine Vision Services

Critical solution consulting & custom design development for industry vision application needs 

Trusted Machine Vision Solution Provider in India

Machine Vision Consulting

Automation requirements are as complex and demanding as they grow more into the diverse industry verticals & domains. Customer are looking at automation solutions that are continually evolving to keep pace with application & business needs. 

Clients are always in the look out for trusted machine vision experts who can support them with integrated vision solutions that incorporate latest technology and offer maximum flexibility. Team HWYL brings in industrial experience that aids us to provide the right product selection from the leading technology providers. 

  • Understanding critical imaging aspects
  • Product / Technology selection
  • Proposing the right imaging setup
  • ROI based solution approach

Vision Software Development

System integrators and OEMs are constantly challenged to deliver quality custom vision based software solutions beyond the all in one smart cameras and expensive machine vision libraries. Clients often find themselves in difficult situations when off the shelf solutions failed to meet custom needs and minor variations.

Team HWYL brings in the powerful combination of our industry expertise with right software partner who can create innovative vision solution for your application needs. We are here to take the ownership of the end to end Vision system for our clients. 

  • Custom development for Vision applications
  • Feasibility test and Proof of Concepts
  • Combined Vision solution - HW + SW
  • Flexible business models

Providing Customized Machine Vision Solutions for Industries

At HWYL, we always strive towards enhancing our experience and expertise by supporting our clients in solving new industry challenges. Our solution consulting is never limited to Team HWYL, where ever required we bring in our partners, industry experts to ensure we propose the most optimized solution that help our client to stay ahead of the competition.    

Automotive & Electronics

Surface & component Inspection


Quality Inspection & Automation

Health Care

Diagnostic & Medical Devices

Package & logistics

Warehouse & Package Inspection