Transforming Vision Technologies into Reality for Business

Who We Are

HWYL is a Bangalore, India based start-up focused on providing technology solutions in the areas of Image Processing and Machine Vision. Founded by a group of young industry professionals with product and service expertise across various industry applications and domains. HWYL envision to be a leading technology service provider for the growing industrial need for quality inspection, industrial automation.

Located at the IT capital of India, HWYL wish to be value added service partner for clients in India. We collaborate with industry experts and technology partners in bringing the right technology solution to our clients.

Image Processing & Machine Vision

At HWYL, our core offerings are designed at solving industry problem statements using image processing and machine vision

The team brings in more than 50+ years combined experience in conventional and AI based image processing techniques. We help our customers in image processing algorithm development and integrate it with product applications and platforms. Here we follow our approach of “Problem to Solution – Solution to Product – Product Support” and start our engagement from building the POC

IT Services

We understand clients are in the continuous look out for service providers who can deliver end to end solution to their needs

At HWYL we package our core imaging offering with IT and deliver services across data analytics using AI/ML, platform migrations, cloud infrastructure maintenance, application development and support. We operate on flexible business models and can be your managed service partner or off development center for your product development needs 

Business Services

HWYL believes strategic partnerships are the key to success and is working with leading technology providers in the space

Through partnerships we make latest technology solutions available to the growing Indian market and its customer needs. We strive to be the value-added service partner who brings in the right combination of technology and business on to the table and offer our partners with distribution services, pre sales support, system integration and project management.

We Believe

The global shift in demand for sophisticated technology integration in the industrial automation space reflects the larger need to accelerate technology driven production. HWYL will be your specialist technology partner for a seamless transition into this space

Staying ahead on the leading edge of Image processing & Machine vision

Delivering best- in-class custom integrated technology services

In technology partnerships that brings in better solutions to the market 

In creating distinguishable value for our customers across the business lifecycle

Authorized Distributor for LUCID Vision Labs - Machine Vision Cameras in India

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What we offer to partners

Grow your Business

Our in depth understanding of the machine vision industry, makes us the right sales partner for your products & solutions to Indian market

Technical Support

Team’s experience across diverse machine vision applications ensures technical & engineering support during the pre and post sales cycle

Solution Development

Combined with our image processing expertise, we are equipped to be the product development partner for clients and our partners

"HWYL is currently providing key consulting and programming services for Plexar Associates, Inc. Software engineers from HWYL have been key contributors for two of Plexar's projects. The contributions include (1) machine learning algorithm development for a complex healthcare monitoring application and (2) implementation of complex algorithms for a mobile device application that calibrates an image projection system. The HWYL engineers have demonstrated programming expertise, attention to detail and project targets and very good communication skills. That, together with the fact that HWYL management has always maintained a strong focus on Plexar’s requirements, has fostered a successful cooperation that Plexar looks forward to continuing well into the future"
David Rohler
President, Plexar Associates Inc

We strive to achieve

Businesses and industries demand for smarter automation of their ongoing practices to enhance the quality of production and its products. We feel, image processing and machine vision technologies are going to be the key for such transformations. 

At HWYL, we look at building solutions around quality inspection systems, smart industrial automation, factory automation which will drive your production to the growing demand.