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About Helios - 3D Machine Vision Cameras - ToF Technology

Helios2 camera model offers improved accuracy and precision, comes with IP67 protection, higher industry immunity standards, Power over Ethernet and a working range of 8.3m. Multi frequency 850nm Class 1 VSCELs diodes produce sharper modulation contrasts and high QoE with IMX556 sensor.         

Featuring SONY IMX556 PLR DepthSense sensor, camera can stream 3D point clouds in real time for use in a variety of industrial applications. In addition to a robust hardware design provides IP67 rated enclosure with lens protection, GigE Vision PoE and industrial M12 connector up to 100 cable length. The Helios2 measures 60x60x77.5mm and is built with shock and vibration resistance. 

Features of Helios - Time of Flight Cameras


SONY DepthSense - Featuring IMX556 PLR ToF CMOS sensor, with CAPD and backside illuminated technology. Delivering superior depth precision compared to existing ToF cameras in the market


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Operational Modes: 6 operating working distance modes ranging from 0.3m to 8.3 meters maximizes 3D performance based on distance and offers high level of accuracy and precision. 


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Easy 3D Controls : 3D controls are included in the Arena SDK for Helios ToF cameras. 3D view displays a point cloud of the object and allows multiple orientations in real time

Explore Helios Camera Models

Sensor Sony IMX556PLRSony IMX556PLR Sony IMX556PLR
Resolution 640 x 480 px, 0.3 MP640 x 480 px, 0.3 MP 640 x 480 px, 0.3 MP
VCSEL Wavelength850 nm, Indoors850 nm, Indoors 850 nm, Indoors
Working Distance0.3 - 8.3 m Normal HDR, 0.3 - 2.5 High Speed0.3 - 8.3 m0.3 - 6.0 m
Precision (Depth Noise) @ 1 m 0.6 mm 0.6 mm1.6 mm
Accuracy up to 1.5 m± 4.0 mm± 4.0 mm± 5.0 mm
Lens Field of View 69° x 51° 69° x 51°59° x 45°
# of Operating Distance Modes 6 Modes - Normal, 5 Modes - HDR, 3 Modes - High Speed 6 Modes2 Modes
Adjustable Starting Distance Point for ModesYesYesNo
Dimensions60 x 60 x 77.5 mm60 x 60 x 77.5 mm 55 x 55 x 77.5 mm
Weight398 g 398 g 254 g
Frame Rate30 FPS - Normal, 10FPS - HDR, 103 FPS - High Speed 30 FPS (All Distance Modes)30FPS (Near Mode) , 15FPS (Far Mode)
Exposure PresetsHDR Manual 332
IP67 CaseYesYesNo
Power over Ethernet (PoE)YesYesNo
"Flying Pixel" FilterYes Yes No
Indoor Ambient Light Filter On-Camera & On-Sensor On-Camera & On-SensorOn-Sensor Only
Combine with other Helios Cameras?YesYesYes
Combine with Color Camera for RGB Point Cloud?YesYesYes
# of Pixel Formats:1088
HDR ModeYesNoNo
High Speed ModeYesNoNo

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