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About NED - Line Scan Cameras in India

NED – Nippon Electrosensory Devices, Japan, was founded in  Osaka Japan in 1975. NED is one of the world’s first to develop Line Scan cameras in  1985 and has incorporated cutting edge technology  and consistently developed innovative products and solutions in the Line Scan Camera industry. 

Head quartered in Japan, NED has wide range of Line Scan cameras for various machine vision applications. NED has also developed Vision systems for specific industry applications including Tire Inspection, wafer inspection etc.. NED has its camera line up in Camera Link, CoaxPress and GigE Vision. HWYL is the official dealer for NED Line Scan cameras in India and the team can help our clients choose the right camera for your line scan application.

NED Line Scan Cameras

Ryugan Series – Latest High Speed Line Scan Cameras

Ryugan is the newly launched series from NED with offering high line rate for high speed applications. Ryugan offers line scan cameras in wide range from 2 to 16k pixels at maximum line rate of 125Hz. Ryugan features all 3 interface options – CoaXPress, Camera Link and GigE 

CLISBee-A Series – High Sensitivity Line Scan Cameras

CLISBee-A series offers high sensitivity, high speed and low noise cameras at a reasonable cost. The series includes both single and dual line sensors. CLISBee offers 2 – 16K pixels at a maximum line rate of 77Khz. CLISBee features in 2 interface options – CoaXPress and Camera Link

Rainbow Series – Dual line & Trilinear Color Line Scan Cameras

Rainbow is an exclusive range of color line scan cameras with dual line and trilinear sensors. Prism-based XCM3C series incorporating NED’s highly-regarded proprietary CLISBee CMOS sensor is the right choice where high precision color is a must. Offer resolution range of 1 – 7K pixels at a line rate of 40Khz

SU Series – Cost effective Line Scan Cameras with CCD Sensors

SU – Series  is designed for customers who are looking at cost effective line scan cameras with high performance. SU Series features the CCD sensors offering 2 – 7K pixels in Camera Link and GigE Interface. SU is the right choice for price sensitive machine vision applications 

NED - Line Scan Camera Models

Ryugan - Series

ModelChromaResolution pxPixel Size umMax Line RateSensor Interface Lens Mount
RCDL2K20CLColor2048 x 214 x 720CMOSCamera LinkF
RCDL4K8GEColor4096 x 278CMOSGigEF
RMSL2K125CLMono204814125CMOSCamera LinkC | F
RMSL4K100CLMono40967100CMOSCamera LinkF
RMSL4K76CLMono4096776.92CMOSCamera LinkF
RMSL6K52CLMono6144752.63CMOSCamera LinkF
RMSL8K39CLMono81923.539.06CMOSCamera LinkF
RMSL8K76CLMono8192776.92CMOSCamera LinkM72

CLISBee-A Series

ModelChromaResolution pxPixel Size umMax Line RateSensor Interface Lens Mount
XCM16K80SAT8Mono163843.536.33CMOSCamera LinkM72
XCM2085DLMT2Mono2048 x 2775.69CMOSCamera LinkC | F
XCM40170DLMT2CXPMono4096 x 2777.56CMOSCoaXPressF
XCM4040DLMT4Mono4096 x 2735.94CMOSCamera LinkF
XCM4085DLMT4Mono4096 x 2776.5CMOSCamera LinkF
XCM8085DLMT8Mono8192 x 2777.55CMOSCamera LinkM72

Rainbow - Series

ModelChromaResolution pxPixel Size umMax Line RateSensor Interface Lens Mount
NUCLi4KAColor4096 x 31017.7CCDCamera LinkF
NUCLi7370AT6Color7300 x 31017.5CCDCamera LinkM84.5
XCM1040DLCT3Color1024 x 21435.84CMOSCamera LinkC | F
XCM2085DLCT3Color2048 x 2739.55CMOSCamera LinkC | F
XCM3C4080T3Color4096 x 3718.65CMOSCamera LinkF
XCM4085TLCT6Color4096 x 31040CMOSCamera LinkF

SU - Series

ModelChromaResolution pxPixel Size umMax Line RateSensor Interface Lens Mount
SU2020Mono2048149.1CCDCamera LinkF
SU2025Mono20481411.4CCDCamera LinkF
SUi7440Mono74004.75.2CCDCamera LinkF
SUi7450T2Mono74004.712.5CCDCamera LinkF

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