Thermal Imaging Cameras

Fully Indigenous Thermal Imaging Core for Intelligent Border Surveillance

Enhance Intelligent Border Surveillance with Thermal Imaging Cameras

Advancements in thermal imaging technology have revolutionized surveillance, the way countries monitor and protect their borders. Thermal imaging cameras have emerged as a game changer, empowering security personnel to detect, track and identify targets with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. Thermal cameras can detect and capture the infrared radiations emitted by objects and hence finds it applications beyond Border security to medical imaging, building & electrical inspection, and industrial quality inspection systems.    

Trimer - Thermal Imaging Cameras in India with built-in ISP

Trimer is a Thermal Imaging Core developed by DCT, India which is 100% indigenous and customizable. Trimer features an Uncooled LWIR sensor from LYNRED, France, and is available with multiple resolution and pixel pitch options. The Thermal core is specifically designed for easy and seamless OEM integration with a compact design of 38x38mm, and offers flexibility in mechanical design and multiple interface options.

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Thermal Imaging Core Made in India

Applications of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Defence & Space: 

Thermal Imaging technology gets utilized in various military applications including guided missiles, weapon systems etc


IR Spectrum provides unmatched visibility in challenging environments like darkness, smoke, fog or camouflage

Medical Imaging: 

Thermal Imaging cameras are used in largely in medical diagnosis and R&D of critical medical conditions 

Industrial Automation: 

Thermal cameras are used in Quality inspection applications such induction seal inspection, defect detection etc

HWYL - Authorized Distributor of Trimer Thermal Imaging Cameras in India

Why Choose Trimer?

Features the Uncooled LWIR, Lynred PICO Sensor from France. Image processing ISP is implemented on Xilinx Zynq SoC FPGA

Advanced features with configurable image parameters – Bad-Pixel Correction, NUC, Tone Mapping, DDE & CLAHE, Configurable Image Overlays

Fully cutomizable – Different lens mount options, interface board options with USB3.0, HDMI or other standard interfaces, 8-bit BT.656 (YUV4:2:0) or other digital video formats 

Multiple Resolution & Pixel Pitch options available – 320×240 (17um), 640×480 (17um), 640×480 (17um) and 1280×1024 (12um)

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