Atlas High Speed Cameras

High Resolution & High Speed at 600 MB/s

About Atlas - 5GigE/10GigE High Speed Machine Vision Cameras

Atlas Series industrial cameras are High-Speed & High-Resolution Machine Vision Cameras from LUCID Vision. Cameras are CMOS GigE Vision and GenICam complaint, designed for imaging applications that require high bandwidth and resolution. Atlas features a TFL lens mount, M35, and is easily adaptable to F Mount and active sensor alignment for superior optical performance.

Atlas cameras are compact in size, 250g 55x55x70mm, and offer a resolution range from 2.8MP to 31.4MP. Atlas also integrates with Sony’s newest APS-C and 4/3″ Global shutter CMOS sensor. Atlas is exclusively designed for high-speed industrial applications like production line improvements, inspection,  robotics, medical, etc. 

High Speed & High-Resolution Machine Vision Cameras

Atlas 5GigE Machine Vision Cameras

The 5Gbase-T (5GigE) Ethernet interface is 5 times faster than Gigabit Ethernet, 50% faster than USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 and works with up to 100m of regular copper Ethernet cable. Along with 5GigE performance Atlas also offers IP67 protection to operate on harsh industrial conditions

Atlas 10GigE Machine Vision Cameras

10 Gigabit Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE) paired with Sony’s 4th generation Pregius-S CMOS sensors allows the Atlas10 to reach faster frame rates at high resolutions over a single cable. Higher frame rates can be achieved with options to reduce ROI, along with binning & decimation

Explore Atlas Camera Models

ModelsMPResolutionFPSSensorFormatPixel SizeShutterLens MountChromaInterface
ATL314S31.4 MP6464 x 4852 px17.9 fpsSony IMX342 CMOSAPS-C 27.9mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75) / No MountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL196S19.6 MP4416 x 4428 px27.9 fpsSony IMX367 CMOS4/3" 21.7mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75)Mono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL168S16.8 MP5456 x 3076 px32.9 fpsSony IMX387 CMOS4/3" 21.6mm3.45 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75)Mono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL120S12.3 MP4096 x 3000 px42.5 fpsSony IMX253 CMOS1.1"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL089S8.9 MP4096 x 2160 px58.5 fpsSony IMX255 CMOS1"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL071S7.1 MP3208 x 2200 px74.6 fpsSony IMX420 CMOS1.1"4.5 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL050S5.0 MP2448 x 2048 px98 fpsSony IMX250 CMOS2/3"3.45 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATL028S2.8 MP1936 x 1464 px173 fpsSony IMX421 CMOS2/3"4.5 µmGlobalC-mountMono / Color5GBASE-T, M12
ATX245S24.5 MP5320 x 4600 px50.6 fpsSony IMX530 CMOS4/3"2.74 µmGlobalTFL (M35 x 0.75)Mono / Color10GBASE-T, M12
ATX204S20.4 MP4504 x 4504 px54.1 fpsSony IMX531 CMOS1.1"2.74 µmGlobalC MountMono / Color10GBASE-T, M12
ATX162S16.2 MP5320 x 3032 px76.1 fpsSony IMX532 CMOS1.1"2.74 µmGlobalC MountMono / Color10GBASE-T, M12
ATX124S12.3 MP4096 x 3000 px89.7 fpsSony IMX535 CMOS1/1.1″2.74 µmGlobalC-MountMono / Color10GBASE-T, M12
ATX081S8.1 MP2840 x 2840 px136.7 fpsSony IMX536 CMOS2/3″2.74 µmGlobalC-MountMono / Color10GBASE-T, M12
ATX051S5.0 MP2448 x 2048 px205 fpsSony IMX537 CMOS1/1.82.74 µmGlobalC-MountMono / Color10GBASE-T, M12

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