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About LUCID Vision Labs - Leading Machine Vision Camera supplier

LUCID Vision Labs, designs and manufactures innovative machine vision cameras and components that utilizes the latest technologies to deliver exceptional value to customers. 

Their compact high performance GigE vision cameras are suited for a wide range of applications like factory automation, medical , life sciences and logistics. Our expertise combines deep industry experience with a passion towards product quality, technology innovation and customer service excellence. LUCID Vision Labs, was founded in January 2017 and is located in Richmond, BC, Canada with local offices in Germany, Japan, China and Taiwan. HWYL is the authorized distributor and partner for Lucid Vision Labs machine vision cameras in India

Integrated with Sony 4th Generation "Pregius S" Sensors

Phoenix Series – Flexible GigE PoE cameras for OEM Integration

Phoenix is a flexible GigE PoE camera module exclusively designed for easy OEM integrations. Phoenix offers a wide range of Sony sensor from 0.4MP to 20MP, 4 lens mount options, 3 interface connector and flexible camera orientations. Comes with hybrid design between board level cameras and standard casing machine vision cameras 

Triton Series – Industrial GigE cameras with IP67 protection

Triton cameras are built with industrial grade immunity of IP67 casing, meant to operate in factory tough conditions. The M12 connector for Ethernet and M8 connector for GPIO ensure resistance to shock and vibration. Triton also offers 4th Gen Pregius S sensors and comes with a compact size of 29x29mm                               

Atlas Series – High speed Machine Vision cameras in 5GigE / 10GigE

Atlas is GigE Vision and GenICam compliant camera capable to operate at 600 MB/s and 1.2 GB/s, providing high resolution and high speed frame rates over ethernet cables. Atlas offer camera models with IP67 protection and also integrates with the 4th Gen Pregius S sensors. Designed for applications such as factory automation, inspection, robotics etc


            Helios Series – Time of Flight             3D cameras

Helios – Time of flight camera features Sony’s DepthSense sensors – IMX556 CMOS, delivering high performance in sub-millimeter precision and improved accuracy for industrial 3D applications. Helios series comes with IP67 protection and offers different options such Helios 2+(With HDR & 110 fps mode), Helios 2, Helios 2 & RGB Kit, and Helios Flex

SWIR cameras

SWIR Series – Atlas & Triton Short Wave IR Cameras

SWIR Series features both Atlas and Triton SWIR cameras, and are IP67-rated Short Wave IR GigE cameras capable of capturing images across both visible and infrared light spectrums.    

Machine vision UV cameras

            UV Camera – Atlas 10 GigE UV Cameras

UV – The Atlas 10 UV is a 10GigE Industrial  PoE camera features Sony IMX 487 and is capable of capturing images across the Ultra Violet spectrum of 200-400nm

Features of LUCID Machine Vision Cameras


Comprehensive API Toolkit - Arena SDK and support all LUCID Vision cameras on Windows, Linux and ARM Platforms


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LUCID Vision integrates with Sony Pregius CMOS Sensors. Triton and Atlas series offers cameras featuring 4th Gen Pregius S sensors


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LUCID Vision provides Gigabit Ethernet interface offering reliable data transfer, increased flexibility at a lower cost 


LUCID offers IP67 protection camera - Lens tubes, M12 Ethernet cables, and M8 GPIO cables ,ready for 24/7 industrial operation

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