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Machine Vision Lens & Accessories  in India 

A wide range of Machine Vision lenses is used in industrial applications such as Quality Inspection, Measurements, Imaging, Alignments, Character recognition etc.. The lineup consists of Fixed Focal length lenses, Telecentric lenses, Macro lenses, Large format / Line Scan lenses, Zoom lenses, Microscopic lenses, and lens accessories. Lens selection becomes highly critical in industrial imaging setups along with the camera and lighting. We have a wide option of Machine Vision lenses to choose from and team Hwyl is capable of choosing the right lens based on your application needs. 



Motorized Zoom

Magnification Lens


Line Scan

UV Series

TC Microscopic

Machine Vision Camera Accessories - Lens Tubes & Adapters

Lens Tubes

IP67 Lens Tubes

Machine Vision components are not necessarily meant to operate and withstand in exposure to water, dust, high vibration, shock and temperature. Customers are forced to look out for additional enclosures which would add to their cost, weight and space. Apart from the IP67 rated TRITON cameras, LUCID also offers IP67 lens tubes and cables, ensuring a complete protection to your setup.   

The LUCID IPTC series of IP67 lens tubes are compatible with all Triton and Atlas IP67 camera models. By connecting this IP67 lens tube and IP67 cables to the Triton or Atlas IP67 camera, users can operate the camera in environments where dust, dirt, and water are present up to IP67 thresholds. 

Inner Diameter41.0mm33.0mm41.0mm41.0mm51.0mm51.0mm68.0mm68.0mm
Outer Diameter35.5mm27.0mm35.5mm35.5mm44mm44mm59mm59mm

Lens Adapters

TFL to Canon F Mount (w/ GPIO & Power)

TFL to F Mount (w/ adjustable BFD)

TFL to F Mount Lens Adapter

TFL to C Mount Lens Adapter

C Mount to S Mount (M12) Adapter

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