PEKAT Vision

Automating Industrial Visual Inspection using Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

PEKAT Vision - Industrial Visual Inspection Software

PEKAT Vision - Advanced Visual Inspection with AI

PEKAT Vision, head quartered in Czech Republic is one of the first companies to   explore the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in quality assurance and industrial visual inspection. Showcasing superior results and successful functionality, PEKAT Vision has been deployed in various industry applications.  

PEKAT uses its own proprietary focused-learning algorithm  which goes beyond deep learning to identify the defects. It can be used with all kinds of materials such as wood, stone, metal, lacquer, castings, leather, rubber or fabrics

Designed to operate in both Supervised & Unsupervised modes

Surface Detection

Supervised learning allows training to find defects on heterogeneous surfaces for defects such as leakages, rust etc. 

Anomaly of Surface

This modules enables to be trained with positive error free examples through unsupervised learning for any types of surfaces


Unifer feature unifies the position & orientation of of the object, when the object to be inspected are rotated and scattered in position

Object Detector & Classifier

Helps in finding the object and classifying them based on unstable shape,. Finding knots in wood inspection is an ideal use case 


Module is designed for simple measurement of any objects, components. Allows combining measurement module with any other modules 


Designed for the growing demand for OCR applications reading the individual characters or words in the subject  

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