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Machine vision UV cameras

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UV Industrial Cameras in India – The Atlas10 Machine Vision UV Camera 10GigE PoE+ features the highly sensitive Sony IMX 487 is an 8.1MP Global Shutter camera. The industrial UV camera sensor is capable of capturing images across the Ultra Violet spectrum range of 200 – 400nm. Sony’s IMX 497 CMOS sensor utilizes Pregius S back-illuminated pixel structure that moves the wiring layer behind the photodiode allowing increased sensitivity. This helps improve quantum efficiency, dynamic range, and lower noise. 

The UV Imaging camera opens up a lot of industrial UV Imaging and UV inspection applications including wafer/semiconductor inspection, material sorting including transparent materials and plastics, and imaging of electric discharge from high-voltage transmission lines. Looking for UV Industrial cameras in India, reach out to us with your requirement.

Atlas UV Industrial Cameras

Industrial UV cameras
Machine vision UV cameras

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ModelsMPResolutionFPSSensorFormatPixel SizeShutterLens MountChromaInterface
ATX081S-UC8.1 MP2840 x 2840 px136.8 fpsSony IMX487 CMOS2/3"2.74 µmGlobalC MountMono (UV + VIS)M12 GigE Vision

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